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About Us

Mission Statement

BuildSwap is the premier local connection to building and construction related materials, tools, and equipment.

Company Overview

The benefits of BuildSwap include:
1. BuildSwap will help the environment by reusing materials that would otherwise go to landfills or be stored, requiring the production and purchase of additional materials.
2. Allow website users to increase their cash-flow through the liquidation of unneeded materials, tools, and equipment.
3. Users will be able to purchase like new quality supplies from other builders and contractors at less than new prices.
4. Create a sense of community and belonging.n
5. Individuals will have a place to advertise goods and services targeted to a specific community of individuals.
6. This is a website built for people who like to build, remodel, and update their home. When you come to BuildSwap you won't have to search through unwanted items which will save you time and money.

Contact information

BuildSwap is located at:
2292 NE 16th St.
Fruitland, ID 83619

Mail correspondence can be sent to:
PO Box ####
Fruitland, ID 83619

Email Support Questions, concerns, and comments can be sent to support@buildswap.com.